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Pipetting System - System for Drug disconvery, Clinical test and Analysis

Pipetting System


  • (Drug discovery) Pretreatment for screening Assays
    Sample preparation, Dilution
  • (Gene) Pretreatment for nucleic acid extraction
    Pretreatment for PCR
    Dispense plates for mass spectrometry
  • (Clinical test) Automatic sampling
    Sample preparation process for ELISA, RIA tests
    Sample preparation process for HPLC
  • (Analysis, Measurement) Pretreatment for air, soil, water analysis
    Pretreatment for residual agricultural chemicals
    Dilution, Purification process for LC, GC samples

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We produce the ultimate automatic systems which are indispensable for your productions and your reseach.
The systems will be of very much use to save the costs and your labor, prevent mistakes and improve operating accuracy.

Applicable Containers Match with existent user's "sample bottles", "containers", "tips", etc

  • Glass Beakers
  • Vial
  • Micro centrifugal tube
  • Centrifugal tube
  • Test Tubes
  • Well-Plate


  • Capper unit
  • De-Capper unit
  • Tip removal unit
  • Cleaning unit
  • Stirrer unit
  • Agitator unit
  • Weighing unit
  • Heating unit
  • Cooling unit
  • N2 Purge

Pipetting Robots

Adaptable for various types of application

Pipetting Pumps

Measuring volume type high precision dispensing pumps

Pipetting Systems

Example of achievement with dispensing robots


Provided for various types of optional units

Home > Products > Pipetting System

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