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  • Dispensers
  • Barrel and Accessories
  • Needle and Nozzle
  • Temperature Control System
  • Desktop Robots
  • FA Dispensing Machines
  • Filling System
  • Pipetting System
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Material Container

Applications by business

  • Electronics
  • Displays
  • New-Energy
  • Medicines, Cosmetics, Foods
  • Analysis
  • Vehicles
  • LED
  • Semiconductor
  • Drug discovery, Gene
  • Others

The Pioneer in Fluid Dispensing Technologies

Our products cover a wide range of application from electronics components, semiconductors and liquid crystal display to communication devices. We provide not only for electronics field, and also for food, medical, cosmetics field and so on.

EzROBO-GX seriesACCURA seriesPipetting SystemPressure TankMechanical PumpsMG1000

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