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Starting point of IEI ~ Creation, Challenge, and Development ~

Liquid fixed quantity supply device. That is, about Dispenser is introduced into a Japanese market and about half a century passed. I think that our history was a history of the fluid control and the fixed quantity supply technology pursuit.

Such as EzROBO-3 complied with small size, low cost and cell production, EzROBO-5 series achieved highly accurate dispensing by high rigidity, EzROBO-Ace series available to large-sized board dispensing and three-dimensional (3-D) dispensing.
We have been trying to expand our robot series to match to the consumer's needs, and also SYSTEM3300 and 3300C machines have put out to the world as the highest level of the fluid control technology.

Recent years, we accomplished the automation of dispensing work by our high fluid control technology in the field of the production processes at the medicine manufacturing and reagent, and for the dilution and the extraction, etc. for sample preparation for chromatography.

We aim to become the most reliable manufacture and supplier of high precise and high speed dispensing systems, dispensing robots and other invested machines for our consumers' needs and innovated technology.

We are also pursuing to develop of new items and new technology based on our marketing concept "Potential of Dispensers is infinity" that not only for semi-conductor and electronics fields, but also automotive, foods, medical and other wide fields.

A big revolution in the industrial field from the day when the dispenser was introduced in Japanese market to today must be further growth in future.
In such fast growing the technology we are aiming to impact on all field needed distribution of liquid under our motto of "Creation, Challenge, and Development".

IEI stands for Iwashita Engineering, Inc. This is our communication name.

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