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History of IEI

1971 Iwashita Engineering, Inc. established in Tokyo, Japan with a capital of One Hundred Million Yen.
1972 Welding machines, automatic wax machine and dispensers were started to import.
1973 Increased a capital to Five Million Yen. Established representative offices in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines and Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong.
1975 Started manufacturing and selling of Self-Developed Dispensers.
1980 Increased a capital to Twenty Million Yen. Osaka sales office established at Yodogawa, Osaka
1981 Sendai sales office established at Aoba, Sendai
1982 Increased a capital to Forty Million Yen. Fukuoka sales office established at Hakata, Fukuoka.
1983 Representative offices established in the USA, East Coast, West Coast, Middle West, and European countries, such as Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden.
1984 Increased a capital to Sixty Million Yen.
1985 Kanto sales office established at Kawagoe, Saitama.
Nagoya sales office established at Chikusa, Nagoya.
Iwashita Instruments, Inc. (IEI-USA) established in California, USA.
1986 Headquarters of IEI moved to Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
1989 Nagano sales office established at Matsumoto, Nagano
Iwashita Instruments Pte. Ltd. (IEI-Singapore) established in Singapore.
1991 Increased a capital to One Hundred Forty-Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Yen.
1993 Completed first part of Kita-Kyushu Technical Center. Started the operation as hub of fundamental research on fluid dispensing technologies, development on applied robotic systems and software for automation, design and manufacturing of dispensing products and factory automation equipment, development on electric packaging/assembling systems, manufacturing of precision parts stocking raw material and overseas shipment.
1996 Kansai branch established at Suita, Osaka. Started the operation as hub of distribution and technical support in west part of Japan.
Iwashita Instruments (M) Sdn.Bhd. (IEI-Malaysia) established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1998 Iwashita Instruments (Thailand) Ltd. (IEI-Thailand) established in Bangkok, Thailand.
1999 Introduced new machines to Kita-Kyusyu Technical Center. Improved the precision machinery ability.
2000 Headquarters moved to Takanawa Minato-ku, Tokyo. Show Room opened in the headquarters.
2001 [Webshop] started as an Internet Shopping.
2003 Iwashita Instruments (H.K.) Ltd. established in Hong Kong.
2005 Iwashita Instruments (ShenZhen) Ltd. established in China.
Reduced a capital to Ninety-Five Million Yen.
2006 Iwashita Instruments (M) Sdn Bhd (IEI-M'SIA) moved to Penang, Malaysia.
Iwashita Instruments (ShenZhen) Ltd. Moved to Futian, Shenzhen.
2010 Iwashita Instruments (SuZhou) Ltd. (IEI-SuZhou) established in SuZhou, China.

History of Products Developments

1975 Start sales of AD1000 and AD2000C series dispensers.
1976 Start sales of MD series multi-dispensers, highly precise dispenser AD3000 and dispensing valves.
1977 Start sales of barrels and plungers, standard needles, Teflon needles, cartridges and other accessories.
1980 Start sales of pressure tanks.
1988 Start sales of programmable dispensing robot Autoshooter 7.
1990 Start sales of pressure compensation dispenser ACCURA 1, 3-axies dispensing robot model Autoshooter-9, low cost dispensing robot model Autoshooter-3.
1991 Start sales of Automatic rotate dispensing unit RPD-10A and pinch tube dispenser ROLLMATIC 5.
1993 Start sales of Accura-7 and automatic dispensing system with loader and unloader.
1994 Start sales of time compensation dispenser AD9000 and heating and cooling temperature control dispenser NEO-ONE.
1995 Start sales of dispenser with automatic pressure compensation system ACCURA 9.
1997 Start sales of high spec digital dispenser Shotmatic-gear, pressure compensation dispenser ACCURA-EX and highly precise programmable dispenser, Motion Gear series.
1998 Start sales of Automatic dispensing system, system dispenser LU2020.
2000 Start sales of Automatic dispensing system equipped loader and unloader SYSTEM3000, micro three-axis dispensing robot EzROBO-3, high precision coating system EzCOAT and desktop three-axis robot Ace ROBO.
2001 Start sales of dispenser AD3000D.
2002 Start sales of dispenser ACCURA DG, AD3000DX.
2003 Start sales of system dispenser SYSTEM300.
2005 Start sales of dispenser with new pressure compensation ACCURA 8.
2006 Start sales of high performance pinch tube dispenser ROLLMATIC DG, three-axis desktop robot EzROBO-5 series and AV503.
2007 Start sales of mixing system with weight control.
2008 Start sales of dispenser with pressure compensation ACCURA 8DX.
Start sales of UV sealants system for OLED.
2010 Start sales of desktop robot EzROBO GX series.
Start sales of ultra small desktop robot EzROBO smart.
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