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  • NEO-PUMP is a measuring volume type pump for low viscosity liquid and sucks material and dispenses it by plunger
  • It is easy to adjust shot volume by the micrometer
  • Since PTFE seals elastically, it can operate 0.5 million cycles or more continuously
  • It dispenses precisely without readjustment despite long-term use
  • The wetted parts are mainly used PTFE, SUS
  • This pump is optimal for electrolyte filling, dispensing cosmetics and food material
  • Applicable material: Electrolyte, Oil, Ink and other low viscosity materials


  NP-2A NP-3B NP-4B NP-5B NP-1C
Plunger Diameters 3mm 8mm 11mm 16mm 19mm
Max. Stroke 10.0mm 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm 25.0mm
Applicable Viscosity 1 ~ 1,000mPa•s
Minimum Dispensing Volume 0.01mL 0.06mL 0.15mL 0.25mL 1.4mL
Maximum Dispensing Volume 0.06mL 0.55mL 1.1mL 2.3mL 6.8mL
Max. Operating Frequency 4.2Hz
Operating Air Pressure 300 ~ 700kPa 350 ~ 700kPa 350 ~ 700kPa 350 ~ 700kPa 450 ~ 700kPa
Applicable Tube IN (Suction) (ID)3mm x (OD)4mm (ID)6.35mm x (OD)9.53mm (ID)9.53mm x (OD)12.7mm
Applicable Tube OUT (Shot) (ID)2mm x (OD)3mm (ID)4.35mm x (OD)6.35mm (ID)6.35mm x (OD)9.53mm
External Dimensions (W)150 x (D)28 x (H)52mm (Body) (W)206 x (D)43 x (H)92mm (Body) (W)206 x (D)43 x (H)92mm (Body) (W)206 x (D)43 x (H)92mm (Body) (W)290 x (D)50 x (H)99mm (Body)
Weight 0.6kg 2.2kg 2.2kg 2.2kg 3.7kg
Standard Accessories Syringe = 1 Tool for Colette = 1
Wrench = 1
Tool for Colette = 1

Please contact us about change of tube-metric size.

Controller MC100D is optional.

Home > Products > Pumps > (Positive Displacement Pump) NEO-PUMP

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