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  • LOOP JET-R is a measuring volume pump with rotary multi plunger
  • Dot dispensing and line dispensing are available by one unit
  • Measuring volume mechanical pump adopting rotary multi-plunger for continuous shot
  • Pulse control is available for suck-back and dispensing with MPC1000S Controller
  • Available direct connect with a dispensing machine head
  • Applicable material: Conductivity paste, UV Adhesives, Oil, Grease and other low to middle viscosity materials
    * Evaluated-not-yet material is unavailable in some cases


1-pulse Shot Volume 10nL (theoretical value)
Maximum Shot Flow 3mL/min.
External Dimensions (W)25 x (D)25 x (H)186mm
Weight Approx. 540g

Special controller is necessary.

Home > Products > Pumps > (Mechanical Pump) LOOP JET-R

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