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Needle and Nozzle

Twin Needle

  • Two points are dispensed at the same time at narrow intervals
  • Length of needle: 20mm
  • Material of needle: SUS
  • Material of needle base: Brass, Ni-coating
Twin Needle


Model Quantity Code Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Pitch between needles
2MN-18G-20 12 1301001 0.84mm 1.26mm 2.5mm
2MN-19G-20 12 1301002 0.69mm 1.06mm 2.5mm
2MN-20G-20 12 1301003 0.60mm 0.90mm 2.5mm
2MN-21G-20 12 1301004 0.51mm 0.81mm 2.5mm
2MN-22G-20 12 1301005 0.41mm 0.71mm 2.5mm
2MN-23G-20 12 1301006 0.34mm 0.64mm 2.5mm

Custom-Order Twin Needle

Changes of pitches and special shapes are available.
Available Needle Gauges Minimum Order Needle Length Pitch between needles
17G ~ 28G 20 3 ~ 100mm 2.5mm

Pitch between needles

Pitch between needles
Home > Products > Needle and Nozzle > Twin Needle

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