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FA Dispensing Machines


  • Equipped visual drawing software. Easy operation of dispensing program by teaching camera
  • Automatic needle calibration
  • Needle-clearance calibration by means of displacement sensor
  • Dispensing course can simulate visually by the camera image
  • Dispensing condition can be checked visually by the built-in camera after dispensing work (Option: Inspection function)
  • All registration work can be easily input using interactive program
  • Selected and mounted the best dispense unit applied with customer's required application


Applicable Board Size 120 x 120mm
Position Repeatability Accuracy ±0.01mm
Resolution 1m
Image Recognition Gray-search LED coaxial lighting
External Dimensions (W)680 x (D)1022 x (H)1445mm
(at pass line 900mm, excluding a signal tower and projection)
Weight Approx. 600kg
Option Loader, un-loader
Vacuum plate
Heater plate
Inspection function after dispensing
Home > Products > FA Dispensing Machines > (Standard Model) SYSTEM3300C

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