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Temperature Control System

TCD-200 EX

  • Barrel temperature controller to suppress uneven shot volume by temperature change of material
  • Optimal for reducing viscosity


Temperature Set Range Room Temp ~ +50 (using plastic barrel)
Room Temp ~ +200 (using stainless barrel)
Alarm Output 2a contact output
Applicable Barrels 5mL, 10mL, 30mL, 50mL
Power Supply AC100 ~ 240V (50/60Hz)
Power Consumption Approx. 10VA (controller only)
External Dimensions (W)190 x (D)180 x (H)67.5mm (Body)
Weight 1.4kg

Please instruct us the model of the heater block for use when placing the order.

Standard Accessories

Power cable set 1
Connector port for alarm output 1

Temperature Control Block H series

  • Heating block
  • Use combination of TCD-200 EX controller
  • Available heat up to needle when the nozzle tip (Option) for temperature control block is attached
H series


  H-05A H-10A H-30A H-50A
Capacity 5mL 10mL 30mL 50mL
External Dimensions (L)79 x (D)33mm (L)107 x (D)34mm (L)125 x (D)43mm (L)157 x (D)43mm
Weight 0.2kg 0.23kg 0.33kg 0.39kg
Heater Silicon rubber heater AC100V
Sensor Thermocouple (CA) 0 ~ 200

Durable up to 50 in plastic barrel.
Durable up to 200 in stainless barrel.

Nozzle tips at the edge for HNG-01 Temperature Control Block is optional.
When you purchase order of Nozzle tips, please inform standard needle size you use.

Barrel and adapter assembly are option.

Home > Products > Temperature Control System > (Heating System) SYSTEM H

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